Julie goes to the ends of the earth to make sure I get exactly what I want and that's it's quality that I will love. Five stars isn't enough stars!

  • Willow Winters
  • Author Willow Winters

The process was simple and Julie was helpful throughout the whole thing!

  • Krys Fenner
  • Author Krys Fenner

I'm so thrilled with the product I ordered from Swag Advantage. Not only is Julie fantastic to work with - incredibly helpful, communicative and patient - but the turnaround time was fantastic. I'll definitely use Swag Advantage again for my author swag needs!

  • Jennifer Miller
  • Author Jennifer Miller

I can not say how fantastic Julie at Swag Advantage is when I asked to have some pens made for my Blog Page. She was very concise about what I needed to do to place an order. Julie is knowledgeable about the product in question and knows the ins and out of what will and will not work. The end product was gorgeous and I only wish that I could show the result. I will definitely be in contact with Julie for future items!!!
Thank you Julie for my pretties!!

  • Mary Baird
  • Delish, Devine & All Mine Blog

When I realized I was almost out of pens the week before a big signing, I turned to Julie! I wasn't expecting to get them in time, but Julie designed and expedited my order, and my beautiful new pens arrived in time for my signing. Thanks, Julie!

  • Lacey Black
  • Author Lacey Black

Okay, this review is long overdo. Here is the thing, Julie with Swag Advantage is amazing. Do to situations that were out of my control, I was frantic and had little time to get my swag. My new wonderful designer Jessica Hildreth, referred me to Julie with Swag Advantage. I was truly grateful for this. Julie stepped up to the plate with constant communication and was able to get me my swag in time for my big author signing. Everything was rush and rush but she was able to get the job done and was able to produce a quality product. Julie, is now my Swag gal. Highly recommend her for all your swag needs. I can't wait to work with her again.


  • Kristine Dugger
  • Author Kristine Dugger

Julie is knowledgeable, patient, and completely amazing. Her help with this first time swagger went above and beyond. The quality of products is something that lacks with other swag makers or contacts. Julie knows her products are the best and it is clearly the truth. I can't wait to work with her again! ❤

  • Paisleigh Aumack
  • Author Paisleigh Aumack

Julie is helpful and personable. thank you, Julie.

  • Lisa Ladew
  • Author Lisa Ladew
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